Wire Chirp

What is Wire Chirp?

We provide instant anonymous texting lines to keep your number private. To open a temporary texting line, text #open to (844) 982-0288. You will get a reply message like:

Private anonymous line opened. For others to connect, tell them to text
@b2muy to 512-377-1918.

In this example, when someone texts @b2muy to 512-377-1918, they will be connected to your line. When they text, the texts will come through the number 512-377-1918. Both parties real numbers are hidden. Either party can text #close to leave the line.

To start, you will be given $1.00 of free funds. When funds run out messages will stop. To add more funds, create an account.

Rates are:

  • Open Line: $.50
  • Text: $.03
  • Media Text: $.05

Why would I need a temporary texting line?

  • You want to sell something on the internet and want people to text you.
  • You meet an interesting person. You don't know if they are crazy.
  • You are a realtor and want people to text you about a specific house.
  • You want feedback on a product or service.

How do I stop getting messages?

You stop messages by closing the text line. To do that, text #close. People texting you will get a line closed message.

Are the messages stored on your servers?

No. We do not store the messages and have no record of what was texted between the parties.

Can I see the phone numbers of people texting me?

No. You will only see an alias like @1

How many people can connect to my texting line?

There is no limit. All messages will come on the same number but the user aliases will be different. Like @1, @2, @3, etc. They look like:

user @1 says:
I am sending you a message.